Who we are

About HTL Technology

Our team is dedicated to working for the common good and doing what’s right in addition to being deeply passionate about solving problems and building a successful company.

We provide solutions that make organizations efficient at their most important work — the kind of work that changes lives every day.

Technology with an impact

Redefining Tech…
What we do

We build solutions that empower and equip the world’s poor; we use technology to alleviate and eradicate poverty without compromising resources for the future generations.

We solve economic as well as social challenges; we believe technology is no technology if it solves an economic problem at the expense of social fabric.  We believe technology should not take away jobs; technology should redefine jobs and create jobs.

What we believe

In a world full of challenges, we strive to make a difference through the development of software solutions that have a positive impact in peoples’ lives. We transverse across borders, work with all regardless of gender, ethnicity, race, or religion to provide affordable solutions. We are impartial to politics; we believe in the equitable distribution of resources and gender balance as well as support research for terminal illnesses and efforts to curb climate change.